Under the name of Come 2 Invest operate since 2007. Each of us, however, has a much longer experience and seniority in the mediation or in industries related to the real estate market.

Prior to commencement of operations under the name Come 2 Invest dealt with real estate transactions throughout the Warsaw agglomeration. However, the amount of orders from areas Bialoleka and its surrounding areas, and more frequent inquiries from customers about the offer of the Warsaw region meant that we decided to open an office in the area. Still dealing with real estate in the broad sense, however, Bialoleka Warsaw and its surroundings have become a major area of ​​our business.

Bialoleka compared to other districts of Warsaw has a large potential vacancy water, which is one of the reasons for its rapid development. That is why the plot are the quantity and value of the real estate market, the biggest deal in Białołęka. By opening an office in the district of Warsaw natural thing was that the plot has become our primary portfolio.

During the first years the company operated in the premises at ul. Mochtyńskiej. Since 2010. Act in the present premises at ul. Cieślewskich 27R, located in the middle of Białołęka.