Use a comprehensive architectural assistance

We specialize in brokering the sale of land, we offer you the necessary support related to investment plans. Even the best ideas and concepts, they have no right to exist without professional help. What does this mean for you ?

Adapt appropriate services to provide you with the care of experienced architects, interior designers, industrial designers and various realizations of specialization related investment projects.

Our services in practice

  • Analyze the possibility of property development and its current legal status. Help also includes legal custody of future actions.
  • Draw up a complete documentation, if necessary, get zoning, if the property is not included in the zoning plan.
  • Where necessary, our support includes activities in matters related to voting on local plans at every stage of their development.
  • Assemble and prepare the documentation necessary to obtain a building permit and receipt of log construction.
  • Our architects will prepare a concept or design under any investment.
  • If necessary, we will help prepare the necessary documentation and get a receipt for the use of each investment.

Of Them work


Our architects see their work from the perspective of the useful arts, their projects are implemented with flair and imagination, without sacrificing usability and functionality. We work with people who rely on low-energy and passive green technologies. To protect the environment, are supported by reducing the cost of the construction cycle and further use of the building.

Interior Designers

Featured by us professionals, and will manage effectively transform the space. Design is the art of comfort, well we understand, is why we work with a reliable and professional team of design enthusiasts.

Industry experts and designers

We work with specialists in zakresieprojektów network media connections, agreements and projects, road, water, environmental, geological and others whose actions and opinions, are often necessary in the implementation of a specific investment project.