Now a days, a wide access to the Internet has meant that parties associating itself is not a problem. However, this real estate market, in which a total success is dependent on the proper approach and hard work in every aspect. So we try to help our customers at every stage of their projects ranging from finding sources of financing, regulating the legal status, proper advertising and marketing, by assisting in the handling of the transactions. We focus on comprehensive customer service depending on the needs and situations.

Each property requires dedication to the appropriate amount of time required to obtain the necessary documents, preparation of appropriate publicity, for which you need to make professional photos and full description. To perform this job honestly do not accept into their database of thousands of offers because we would not be able to take care of them properly. Our offers are thoroughly prepared to sell, have them complete documentation and full knowledge as to their legal status. We focus on the quality rather than quantity.

Following in this direction, our company has focused exclusively on the Warsaw market, specializing particularly in the area of ​​the District of Białołęka where our headquarters and in the coming its surroundings – ie. In the area Targówka, Zielonka, Mark, Nieporęt, Legionowa and Jabłonna. However, depending on the situation and needs of our customers, we also all real estate in other parts of the Warsaw agglomeration and even in other parts of the Polish.

Professional approach to placement and care about the quality of transmitted forces us to offer the use of exclusive contracts. It is a modern and effective form of cooperation, which allows you to reach to possibly offer a wide range of potentially interested customers. Such a system operates successfully for years in developed and mature real estate markets in Western Europe and America. Respecting our clients' time only including a exclusive contract, the terms of which are in each case individually agreed.