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  • Providing brokerage services for real estate agents, we use only professional legal services. By submitting to us the property, you will gain the professional assistance of skilled professionals engaged in the real estate laws and regulations and safe carrying out the entire transaction. In this way you can be sure that the legal issues are resolved using the highest standards of ethics and service.
  • We cooperate with law firms and notary. Provide you with the necessary legal support in the field of civil and administrative proceedings.
  • The scope of our activities

  • We provide legal audits for the property and advise on the performance of real estate related investments.
  • We provide legal assistance in the acquisition and sale of real estate, including the acquisition of real estate by foreigners.
  • Prepare and issue opinions on draft contracts for the sale, lease, rental, real estate lending, etc .. We can also help in the situation s not perform or improper performance of third parties to existing contracts.
  • We provide legal assistance in concluding contracts for the sale and purchase of real estate, including preliminary and final agreements.
  • Prepare an analysis of sales contracts in terms of their compliance with the law, as well as negotiate the terms of the agreements.
  • We analyze and determine the scope of the legal status of the property, including land and mortgage-accounting proceedings before a civil court to agree on the content of the Land Register of the actual legal status.
  • As part of the transaction supported, we have security issues debt on real estate, encumbrance of property mortgages limited property rights, use, easements, etc.,
  • We represent the parties to administrative proceedings relating to construction law, real estate division, transformation and change the destination of the property.
  • We advise on matters of planning billing.
  • We matters relating to compensation. eg. for land taken for roads, associated with changes in the local plan and other constraints
  • We deal with the scope of the law of succession.
  • Prepare draft agreements concerning the abolition of ownership, including contracts of inheritance, as well as the conduct of proceedings before a court or a notary public in matters abolition of joint ownership.
  • We prosecuting prescription and enfranchisement of the property, as well as the procedure for the issue of property and preventing infestations and the remuneration for non-contractual use of the property by third parties.
  • We will lead the case for restitution of expropriated or to re-establish the compensation for expropriated property.
  • We advise on all financial and fiscal matters related to transactions on the real estate market, we also help in the preparation of the relevant documentation necessary for settlements with tax offices.

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