Get help from our surveyors

In connection with the work as an agent for the sale of land, we are services related to the wider geodesy. The advantages of our activities are knowledge appropriate to the current situation in the real estate market and comprehensive solutions that we can offer you the necessary assistance.

Surveying services

  1. We will help you get the right map.
    • Situational-elevation (a copy of the basic map) eg. to obtain permission for felling of trees, to obtain zoning and land use planning, building fences application.
    • For the purposes of court, eg. for determining the passage and transit easement or transmission, prescription, legal abolition of joint ownership.
    • For the purposes of the project (ie. Current) necessary for the preparation of project documentation used to obtain a building permit, eg. a building entrance, connection, hardening of the road like a private plot.
    • The sketches and excerpts and any other documents Geodetic depending on your needs.
    • Draw up maps based on your measurements, eg. in order to obtain compensation for without your consent debris, we measure and calculate as long as neighbor.
  2. We will Geodetic divisions.
    • Through administrative (divisions based on land use plan or on the basis of zoning and land use).
    • Through the courts.
    • Agricultural divisions.
    • Separation of residential building (division beyond the agreed plan).
    • The divisions in order to remove the co-ownership of the plot developed with min. two buildings.
    • We will give advice on how best to carry out the distribution in terms of legal and technical.
    • We will advise on the surface, and the shape of the communications service designed plots.
    • We can make the distribution of initial projects and participate in the discussions, in order to determine the distribution of the final version in a larger number of co-owners.
    • On request, we can reveal the result of the division (depending on the nature of the distribution of such. Decision or decision) in the respective local government units and the Department of Land Registry appropriate District Court.
  3. Carry out demarcation.
  4. We measure your property and other important objects in the field.
  5. We will help in the preparation of the project
    • Draw up height measurements to calculate the amount of land needed to nawiezienia or exported.
    • We can make an inventory of existing trees together with a description of the species and girth of trees, in order to obtain permission for felling trees or their behavior.
    • We will carry out the measurements necessary elements specified by the investor, to determine the investment objectives of the project, including the preparation of digital maps.
  6. We can serve both small complex construction project and a great estate.
    • Indigenous map in the preparation of the necessary project documentation for obtaining a building permit.
    • We measure investment in the area.
    • Geodetic provide investment services throughout construction.
  7. Prepare the documentation necessary to receive the geodesic building / object.
    • Built inventory can make a building or other object with a map.
    • Draw up an inventory of subcontracting flats and along with the map, eg. In order to create the flat file or documentation in order to obtain a certificate of independence of the premises.
  8. We can make measurements.
    • Actual usable area and volume units.
    • Actually laid cobblestones or grasslands located.
  9. Other surveying.
    • We determine the magnetic north to the needs of feng shui.
    • Find out how to build in accordance with reliable ideas